Interior Design Singapore Basic Styles

You may always feel an urge to change your interiors at some point of time. Your interiors are a clear reflection of your tastes. There may be a paradigm shift from one style to another. It is great to experiment with your home interior designing ideas. This makes it possible for you to explore new designs and creations. Interior Design Singapore has some great ideas that you can implement in your room. Interior Design Singapore also allows you to design your room to fit your Singaporean home interior design requirements. You can make custom changes to get a great interior design set for your house.

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Singapore Interior Design Latest Styles

We have provided a list of the 9 basic types of interior designs you can implement in your apartment.

  1. Modern Minimalistic

As the name implies the design uses minimal furniture which usually includes low seated furniture and also makes use of light colors. The main colors used are black and white. This design tries to amplify the space of the room. Interior Design Singapore has some awesome designs that will provide your room a new look. You can also choose the accessories from Interior Design Singapore that you can use in as furniture.

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  1. Classic Style

Interior Design Singapore has a great set of classic style designs that will suit your requirements. Classic style comprises of floral and artistic designs made on furniture and lighting etc. The colors used in this interior design are more vibrant and colorful. The furniture also has engravings on them to give them an aesthetic look. You can look at numerous designs made by Interior Design Singapore and can also customize the variations to suit your needs. Just make sure to use less furniture to create an illusion of more space in your room.

  1. Rustic Style

This design style has more of nature incorporated within it. The design makes extensive use of wooden logs, tree trunks etc for a furnishing to your furniture. The design pattern is suitable for people with a love for the wild. Interior Design Singapore has some crude and rustic designs to choose from. You can make some good purchases like furniture and lightning accessories from Interior Design Singapore to compliment your room. This type of furniture is more suitable for individual houses and not apartments. These houses that can carry this look should be remotely located and have a scenic view.

  1. Opulent Style

This style symbolizes the living of an aristocrat. Dated furniture and accessories like lighting are some of the characteristics of opulent style interior designs. This design makes extensive use of furniture with curled edges as well as art forms like paintings and sculptures that depict the noble household. Interior Design Singapore does a good job of creating your interiors of opulent style. This style is more suited for small rooms as they have an overwhelming effect on larger rooms. Consult Interior Design Singapore before getting your interiors done.

Interior Design Singapore Favourite Styles

  1. Retro Style

As the name suggests, these interior designs come from the 50’s -80’s period. These designs depict the Pop Art culture with the vibrant use of colors in geometric designs. Geometric shapes are also used as furniture. Take a good look of all the retro styles offered by Interior Design Singapore before choosing one. The best part of this design is that it can be used in all spaces. It does not matter if your room is large or small. The accessories like lighting can create a dramatic impact on your retro room. So choose your accessories wisely from Interior Design Singapore.

  1. Maverick Style

This is a more modern style of art design. It is unusual in a way because some people do like it, but most of them find it unconventional. This is a sophisticated type of modern interiors. No rules are followed while creating a Maverick style interior design. Make sure to check out the designs at Interior Design Singapore for better styles. This design makes minimal use of furniture and is more of function rather than style. If not done properly, this kind of design can ruin the outlook of your apartment, so consult Interior Design Singapore to get assured results.

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Interior Design Singapore Latest Trends

  1. Contemporary Style

This is also a modification of the Modern Style which makes use of minimal furniture to make your rooms more spacious. The only difference is that contemporary styles have more of a warmer look to your room. The colors used are warm like chrome, lighter shades of yellow etc. The furniture is kept to a minimal but the cushions are upholstered in velvet or satin to give a more pleasant look. Interior Design Singapore has some exclusive designs that will blow your mind. Make sure to check out the furniture at Interior Design Singapore to get a better feel of the contemporary designs.

  1. High-tech style

This style is again a revised form of modern style designs. This design makes great use of innovative appliances and furniture to suit the requirements. The design does not give much importance to the aesthetic view of the room but it is high on functionality. The upholstery is mainly made of leather. Metal, glass and fiber are the best options that will give your room a feel of high functionality. Interior Design Singapore has some great designs for your room. Check out their appliances Interior Design Singapore offers and get your mind blown.

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  1. Elegant country Style

The main theme of this type of design is that you get a feel of the country side. Vibrant colors, use of pastel colors, floral decorations etc are some of the characteristics of these types of designs. The rooms are made to look smaller and cozier by increasing the size of the furniture as well as the use of artistic paintings. You can check out the designs at Interior Design Singapore to get a better idea of the design.